SEO for Magento

Magento is a great e-commerce CMS, with tons of incredible possibilities.

Most of time, we would prefer simplier e-commerce scripts than Magento, because Magento needs a lot of ressources to run, and it’s made for gigantic online shops, else it could be hard to take advantage of all its performance.

I’ll have many occasions to talk about Magento later on; I’m starting a e-commerce project. The goal of this article is to give a useful link. When you’re running a e-commerce, SEO is interesting you even more : here is a great Magento SEO guide, that looks not too complex. Some people say Magento is not SEO-friendly, but you can do pretty well with this article!

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3 thoughts on “SEO for Magento

  1. magento development

    I have red this article, and must say lot of helful info can be found. But I also did mentioned, that some wrong information was published there. F.e. this guy recommends :

    >>>By default the logo is an

    , which is should only be on the front page, and on all other pages it should be no more than an


    It’s just not very clever to use H1 tag on Home page for logo. As u probably know the most significant keyword should be used there, not a logo.


  2. Arthur Jach

    Hi there

    Thanks for the info and useful links. Optimising Magento website is a fairly straight forward process but it does require some basic SEO knowledge and it’s good to have all tips in one article.

    I also put together the list of SEO checks & SEO tips for Magento website launch, including making the site accessible to spiders, building the sitemap.xml, etc.



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