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Joomla! Plugin for insecable spaces in content

Here is a little plugin for Jooma 1.5.x which allows to replace automatically secable spaces by insecable spaces in an article.

This plugin is especially for those that are obsessed by typography rules. According to these rules, many characters must not be broke by a line.

Here are the replaces characters :

  1. word :
  2. « word »
  3. word ?
  4. word !
  5. cash $
  6. pourcentage %
  7. slash / word

The plugin inserts the HTML entity   instead of secable spaces, for all characters above. When you write your article, you must write a normal space, else the plugin wouldn’t recognize that you wish to insert insecable spaces.

This plugin was wrote for french rules; I have no idea for english ones… Note that in Quebec, you must not insert any space before question and exclamation marks; I included them because because people from France would need it.

You may see this plugin in action in this blog. It’s not a big thing, but it’s quite useful to me.